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Common heating problem tips

2011-08-24 16:45:58

Although having your oil heating and boiler system regularly serviced through a boiler maintenance provider, such as Team Energy, is essential, there are a few minor issues you may be able to sort yourself.

If your heating is going off or coming on at the wrong times, this could be an indication that your thermostator timer has a problem. Check to see if the thermostat is set to the right temperature or if your timer has become stuck on a certain setting.

Cold areas on radiatorsis a very common problem and can easily be fixed with a little know-how. ‘Bleeding’ radiators help to remove excess air trapped in the heating system, which can lead to cold spots. Radiators that are not regularly bled are often ineffective at heating a room despite the heating being on high.

There is usually a small valve on radiators, at the back or the top, that can be pressed to open a small gap for air to escape. Make sure you have a container placed under the valve to catch any dirty water that may escape as you ‘bleed’ the radiator.

Listening out for strange or new noises coming from your oil boiler or heating system is vital, as noises can indicate serious problems. Team Energy members can call their OFTEC-registered engineer if they ever suspect their heating system has a problem.