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Boiler scrappage scheme fails to pay out

2010-05-19 16:12:18

New statistics suggest that the government has issued fewer than half the number of £400 rebates available under the boiler scrappage scheme.

The plan, which was launched on 5th January 2010, was intended to dish out 125,000 rebates to help people upgrade their aging boilers to new A-grade super-efficient models.

However, so far just 58,177 people have received their £400 rebates. This is according to new figures from the Energy Savings Trust (EST) obtained by the BBC.

The EST pledged to pay the £400 rebates into voucher-holders' bank accounts within 25 working days of them buying a new boiler. The EST made the excuse that people are experiencing delays in their payments as they have submitted the wrong bank details.

Boiler owners in Wales are also receiving similar incentives to replace older boilers, with a scrappage scheme, rebating £500, launched on 6 April.

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