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Be more energy efficient in 2011

2011-01-13 16:35:31

2011 is going to be a frugal year for many, and lots of people will be looking into ways of reducing heating oil bills and general energy use this year.

Allianz UK found that 70 per cent of people are looking to cut their outgoings this year, which for many, will include trying to be more energy efficient to reduce energy bills.

Carrying out regular boiler maintenance through a scheme like Team Energy’s plan, can ensure your oil boiler is running efficiently and can save money in the long run. In addition, heating oil users can spread the cost of their heating oil bills by signing up to a payment plan with their local CPL Petroleum or Emo Oil depot.

Clubbing together with other heating oil users in your building or nearby to share deliveries of oil, can help to cut costs through minimising delivery fees. This is a great idea for people living in rural communities where several homes use heating oil.

Increasing the amount of insulation in your home will also help to reduce fuel bills, as will having double glazing windows fitted and cutting out drafts around doors, which can be a problem in older properties.