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Are giant wind turbines the future?

2010-06-23 16:00:05

Industry insiders are claiming that a new generation of giant wind turbines with blade spans larger than the size of the London Eye could be the future of energy.

A giant turbine is currently being built in the UK and it will be installed offshore in north-east England in 2012. The huge turbine will stand 175m tall and will have a diameter of 30m. Bill Grainger, the project leader on the building of the turbine, which is called ‘Britannia’, says he thinks turbines will get even bigger.

He stated, "There isn't a technical issue that screams out size limit. You have to make changes as you get bigger." He continued, "Blades get floppier, for example, so you have to put more carbon in; but we aren't anywhere near 100 per cent carbon yet…They'll get bigger than 10MW, is my feeling. How much bigger? I don't know."

Although wind turbines are a good source of green energy and many people are beginning to use them in their own homes, it is advisable to install an oil boiler as back-up if relying on renewable energy. Oil boilers can be made to be a greener option through performing regular maintenance by signing up to a service such as the one offered by Team Energy. The use of Premium Kerosene will also keep your oil boiler clean and reduce harmful emissions.