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Apology offered for broken boiler plight

2010-12-02 16:12:18

A Norwich mum has received an apology from the city council after her boiler brokedown last week and the council took nearly a week to fix it.

When Kirstie Jones's boiler failed she had no idea that historically early cold weather was about to descend on the nation - she just wanted the basic heating and hot water restored that is necessary for any British winter, regardless of the conditions.

The 22-year-old mother-of-two had to spend several days, however, using just one room of her council house in Cubitt Road in Heartsease, and boiling water on the stove to give her sons Reece, five, and three-year-old Mark, their baths.

"My house has been completely frozen," she said. "My boys' bedrooms are wet because it's so cold in there. We've all been sleeping in one bedroom because it's too cold."

She was given two electrical heaters as a temporary measure, but they were taken away once initial work had been carried out on the boiler - so they weren't there for her when it broke down once again.

Norwich City Council spokeswoman, Sara Martinez, apologised to Miss Jones and said they were launching an investigation as to why it was not categorised as an emergency repair. She said they would also be covering the cost of any extra energy used by the electrical heaters.

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